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Month: November 2014

Why plant Phazelie?

This field was lawn recently. 15 – 20 years ago this place was filled up with some truck loads of soil and since then, the lawn was mowed “every two weeks”.

So we belive, that we should give some “life” back to the ground.
Because of that, we first plowed the grass into the soil and sawed some Phazelie.

It is a perfect green manure because it has the following properties:
– Binds nitrogen from air in the ground
– Brings bio-mass in form of roots into the ground
– It’s not winterproof (in this size), so it will not become a “pest plant” later

Time will show, if that plan will work out…

Phazelie – One week later

The seeds sprout and are growing well. Here and there a singel blade of grass is growing also.
Seems to work out as inteded. We will stay tuned…

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