Accessibility – Renewability – Sustainability – Efficiency

Four important slogans of our time which are key to energy concepts and also needed for every resource to make a (modern) living.  One would add mobility and connectivity as important headwords too, but these are actually building on top of this fundamental basis. Therefore these concepts need to be addressed together in a synergy that effects change without unnecessary sacrifice to modern living.

Accessibility is also openness and these days it’s best represented by Open-Source and DIY (Do-It-Yourself) philosophy. With no access and non-openness there would be no innovation and most importantly, no self-determination at all. The Maker-Movement shows what possibilities openness and accessibility in particular bring to society.

Renewability is needed in the long-term anyway. Without renewable concepts there is really no future. So every concept based on non-renewable resources is not only critical in time but also in dependency to those who control these resources. Renewable resources paired with automation will end up in nearly free access to these resources by everyone.

Sustainability which also includes renewables but is also focused on the by-products and effects of those concepts on our environment. As planet earth is our only habitat, we really need to care about our environment to make sure that our planet does not become hostile to our species. Shouldn’t we? So this includes also food production as the energy of our living.

Efficiency is important in all developments to our basic needs to make them useable, affordable and competitive. While we are wasting a lot of resources and energy today we just can’t change everything overnight. Efficiency is key to the change of the existing infrastructure of our living to a new one. In the terms of energy, this is the most important requirement to facilitate a change.